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The Chateau Solid Cedar Chicken Coop


Hand crafted from solid Cedar wood, Green felt roof protection, Front window, locking front door Nesting box with opening lid, pull out base, walkway into pen area and locking pen door

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Imagine waking up to your own fresh eggs in the morning, laid by your very own chickens…..well now is your chance to live the dream. The Chateau Solid Cedar Chicken Coop is handcrafted from quality solid Cedar wood, nature’s very own materials, providing a first-class weatherproof home for your poultry companions. The Chateau has an ergonomic design, making efficient use of space and light, providing a comfortable home for your chickens to rest, feed and exercise. Two large front doors allow you to enter the coop and the run separately, providing a useful and alternative access point to the Chateau. The pull out tray, makes cleaning the Chateau a much simpler task.The rear nesting box with its opening roof is perfect for hassle free access to your eggs. The stylish 4 bar window lets in additional light whilst maintaining a steady flow of fresh air inside the coop…..the perfect place to shelter from rain, wind and sun. A gangway ladder offers easy access from the upper coop to the lower run. Here, your chickens can feed, protected by a galvanised mesh enclosed cage, preventing them from wandering and keeping them safe and secure in your garden. The Chateau Solid Cedar Chicken Coop is the perfect deluxe pad for your chickens. The coop also serves as wonderful home for other small animals such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and the like.

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Weight 25.50 kg
Dimensions 65 × 165 × 120 cm


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