Very strong and lightweight frame -easy to fold
-Suspension on all four wheels with independent spring shock absorbers
so your baby doesn’t feel the bumps
-With 4 fixed wheels you have a better forward directional stability than
swivel wheels. The front tires are with 12 inch munch larger than swivel
wheels, therefor you are able to drive over uneven curbs and holes in the road
-Adjustable handle allows the pram to be either forward facing or rear facing
so you can stay in contact with your child or let baby explore their new world.
Plus the handle can be hired or lowered depending on the person
pushing the pram (from 74cm to 114cm from the ground)
-Brakes on all four wheels with a central locking-up on the front and back axles for the safety of your child-Adjustable back rest (four positions) for your child’s comfort
-Adjustable leg rest in five positions, encased with PVC film
-Adjustable safety belts (five positions)
-The back of the seat protected by a grid, in order to prevent child’s falling
out during the back inclination of the pram
-Barrier encased with PVC film + tray, depending on the function
-Large basket underneath the pram for easier shopping
-An infant carrier (sleeping bag) with two convenient handles for transportation
-Hood with a ventilation window (useful in the summer) and a large pocket
-Cover, covering the baby’s legs
-Large bag, hanging on the handle or shoulder
-Variable function of the pram from the deep version to the walking one
-Rain cover and mosquito net
-Front wheels are not swivelled

Delivery 4-5 days